Finale- blog 3

Outdoor training for outdoor sporters






Times have passed and we already had our last personal training theory-lesson. It´s like I learned a

new alphabet: with all of the vowels and consonants, how to build a constructive scentence with

them, then to compose a story, pick a decent rhythm and a good melody. Hoping that you will be

able to sing your own song, ultimately.


Not that I didn't have knowledge already. But now I learned the meaning of definitions such as

'parasympathetic nervous system', went on a calory-restricting diet to experience how that works,

and found out the secrets about the best training methods for any given situation. It was nice.


The final round of studying is still ahead of me: finishing the trainingschedules, getting ready for

my exams. And I also have a great project coming up to set my teeth in. So lots of work to do, but

I'm looking forward to get back into action!!!


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