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About your surf trainer Lien


“Fifteen years ago I got hooked on surfing while on surf camp in France. From that moment on I returned every summer for more and ended up working there: from surf lover to travel guide to certified surf instructor. I got my surfing diplomas in Wales and joined HSA (Holland Surfing Association) for further eductation. I enjoyed surfing holidays in Morocco, Costa Rica, Canary Islands and Portugal. When I moved to the Zuiderstrand in Scheveningen, right at the Dutch coast, I really started living for surfing. Even in winter you'd find me on my board, I planned my life around the swell. Surfing to me is the ultimate active relaxation, and I love passing on my passion."

Sport specific training: Surf prep


The ultimate support for surfers

When you surf you use your muscles in surf specific way. Off-season it can be hard to train these motions and to maintain your level of fitness. Trainer in the Park introduces Surf Prep, a sport specific training specifically aimed at surfers. It is the perfect prepatration for the new surf season, for extra support during the season or to make most of your surf holiday.


For whom is this surf training intended:

  • Beginners: work on your paddle power, fitness and resistance
  • Advanced surfers: stay surf fit when there are no waves. Off-season: cold winters or periods without swell, which you happen to find in the Netherlands more often than at the Atlantic cost
  • Surfers preparing for a surf trip in which they intend to 'score' and just surf, surf surf!


Why is training for surfers important:

  • To be able to surf, it is a must to achieve 'paddle power'. The muscles in your back, arms and chest have to be developped for you to make it through the surf part of the water. You have to be able to get on top of your board in one explosive movement from a laying down position. And you'll have to master to keep your balance while everything around you moves. These are situations you don't get to practice a lot in everyday life. With sport specific training we can support you with this
  • Holland doesn't always have the right waves for surfers, the Northsea is just too inconstant. But surfing is a very intens sport, and if you want to be able to enjoy it to the fulest it is important to GET AND KEEP FIT
  • It is so much fun to enjoy the enjoy the anticipation of a surf trip together with your buddies, while training in an outdoor fitness programm that gets you ready to take the maximum SCORE out of your surfing holiday!


What will we be doing during the surfing training:

  • We will combine fitness and resistance training: a bootcamp instructed by a certified trainer. Dedicated entirely to the muscle groups you need to work out for surfing. If you can jump up one 100 times on land, you will be able to do it in the water as well!
  • Outdoor fitnesstraining: to tap into that 'outdoor sport' feeling of being outside in the open air, feel the elements and the fresh air, and take in plenty of oxygen and rays of sun
  • Small groups: you will surf with fellow surf crazy people with whom you can build experience and friendships
  • A passionate trainer: a seasoned “stokede” surfer that will teach you all the insider tricks
  • Extra information & support on request


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Outdoor training for outdoor sporters

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