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YAY! I'm very proud to announce that I just passed the last exam for my Fitnesstrainer B degree. Now this is my last blog here and I'm going to keep it short because, my dearest readers, I have been writing a lot last summer.


I'm specialized in coordination, core-stability and balance training. Looking back, I realize that I have been practising this with all my sports. It's a total body engagement based on reflex, requires all your attention in the moment and there's no space to think about anything else than what you're actually doing. That's why I used to love surfing, kickboxing and outdoor fitnesstraining. And that's why I'm also a performer by the way.


However, this website tells you I'm still a "Trainer in the Park" in Amsterdam so I'm working on a new site. Now I focus on indoor training for all fitnesslevels as a trainer, meet me at the Fit & Move gym in Maastricht if you have a question!


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