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Back to school: personal training
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Back to school




The personal trainer education program is started, and every week I sit in the chair in USC's “Universum” sportaccommodation in Amsterdam to follow classes.


The first was about psychology, a subject that totally makes sense to me since there is always a deeper reason undercover, for people who want to make a move.


We also talked about hospitality. The same as employees in the hotel and catering industry, a trainer is being present 'in person' all the time, so hosting is indeed a big part of the job. However I prefer to do it in the most natural way.


But now the hard stuff is on: theories concerning energy systems, anatomy, kinematics and how to apply them in practice to a persons' most specific needs. This is what I came here for...


Allthough I have to get used again to the studying: to listen, read, and write. Above all I feel challenged, inspired, and happy in general that I'm taking this chance to grow in my profession.



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