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Taking the leap




Current situation: I have to complete the practical part of my Fit!Vak fitnesstrainer B/ private teacher exam

this summer otherwise I have to pay the whole course again (which would be a pity because I finished my

theoretical part already last year). „What is it that you‘ve been doing then in the meantime?“ you might think.

Well, it wasn`t exactly boring! I have been working on our project E N E R G Y about burn outs (check the list

of previous events at http://lafp.eu/EN/join-2.html). I have been following a series of intensive

entrepeneurship workshops at Kamer van Koophandel in Amsterdam. And recently I moved to Maastricht

where I started working at a gym called Fit & Move in the centre of town.


It´s a nice place and the great thing is that I share the same vision with them. Fitness is according to me

most of all meant to improve your wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Of course a big amount of clients

appreciate the cosmetic benefits that come along with getting fit, but sometimes it's actually strange to

realize how much the health factor has fallen to the background. People simply don’t seem to be aware of

how much they can influence their whole existence by lifestyle. Not even to mention all the costs you save by

staying healthy... And who doesn't want to feel more relaxt, confident, energetic, sharp, and powerful?


By moving the right way you can turn stress into the 'happy hormones' endorphine and dopamine and purify

your body. This makes sense, as a matter of fact one of the main causes people die is because of

cardiovascular deseases. A somewhat heavy comparison but from all of the potential causes the chance to

die from heartproblems is 26,8%, which is 26,1% bigger then from a terrroristic attack (0,07%* not to say this

isn't absolutely concerning of course.) Additionally stress is one of the main influencers causing

heartproblems. What my point is here: Fitness can significantly increase the quality of your own life and

whatever you want to do with it. And you just don't know untill you start to feel it happening to yourself :-)


I want to specialize in vitality training because the combination of mental and physical wellness is obviously

what interests me the most. I've found an internship leader who's physiotherapist and head of trainers at

Ciran Amsterdam. On a daily basis he takes care of people with deeper physical and/ or mental issues. A

physiotherapist operates when a problem has already occurred whereas a fitnesstrainer prevents clients of

getting problems in the first place, by giving training in a fun and effective way. So that's a difference, however in

the end we are all health professionals complementing each other. Besides this internship I have a

powerlady as a teacher of my fitnesstrainercourse, being supervised by these people I'm sure I will have an

interesting time ahead of me!


And hey remember: every reason to start training is valid to me, just saying it isn't all about fashion.


*Source: http://statline.cbs.nl/statweb/publication/?vw=t&dm=slnl&pa=7052_95


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