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To the Bone
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To the bone




Four weeks have passed, and I'm busy making a schedule for my client. That is, in the most

profound way I ever did this in my carreer, compared to the schedules I made as an instructor. It's a

whole lot of different than designing a training for groups too.


The beginning of the education program was confronting, noticing that some theories I once learned

had been drifted away. But it triggered a lot of motivation to recap, learn new things, and finding

answers for what I've always wondered about as an instructor and a practitioner.


I'm also designing a schedule for myself, now I'm on it. I'm a 'fast twitch' white-vessled kind of

bodytype: that's the reason why I was attacker in the volleyballteam during my youth, and why I'm

attracted to shortboarding in surfing. Concerning training, bootcamptraining and kickboxing work

best for me.


But I never knew how to train myself in this specific explosive way, so that it really kept me going

in the long term. It takes some knowledge to make a schedule for this so that it's both challenging

and balanced with enough space for rest and recovery. But this time I'm actually handling it.

It's really great do dive deep into it all, and the more I do the more fascinating it becomes.


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